How To Draw A Rose Easy

Even the Valentine’s Day was gone 2 months ago; the romantic atmosphere is somehow floating in the air as many people still want to give some special gifts to their special ones. In place of offering a box of chocolate cookies, giving a bouquet of roses to women is another choice of the menfolks.

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How To Draw A Rose Easy

Looking back on the Roman times, such roses were primarily used for creating perfume, remedies, and making decorations. Nowadays, this flaming flower has become the most favorite topic for many literature works as well as many creative art activities. Though the rose can stand for anything, the most common meaning of it is none but the symbol of love. Its beauty reminds us of a passionate romance and an eternal love. Without having a green thumb, we’re still able to draw a gorgeous and fully-made rose on a paper.

Follow the steps referred as below to gain insights into the entire process of regenerating the love flower on a white sheet of paper.

Step 1: Draw a straight line standing vertically on your paper. Though it should be less curved, do not overuse the ruler to make it look like a nonstop train, feel free to limn it.

Step 2: Create a prickle on the trunk of your rose by moving your pencil downward the rose body. The first move is to draw a line nearby the base of the body, and let it lean a little bit to the left by slightly bending the line. Later, just limn a curve toward the stem, and a thorn is finally created.

Step 3: Keep making up more spines along the stem of the rose, and make sure that they all show up in both sides of the body.

More Spines

Step 4: Now let’s get started with forming the leaves by adding a horizontal line on the left of the rose stem, then create 2 curves in both sides of that straight line. Remember to let one curve face upward while the other one faces downward.

Step 5: From the end of that leaf, draw a joint of three other leaves, and do not let them stand in the same angle.

Step 6: It’s time to make your leaves look more real. Limn a line in the center of each leaf as well as the other smaller branches going toward the edge of the leaf.

Step 7: Draw several tiny leaves overhead the stem, and make sure that they all look like the miniature bananas. Note that the leaves of this side are not the same size as those of the other side. Make them look like they all grow from the stem.

Grow From The Stem

Step 8: Draw two teardrops on those leaves to create the first petals. Then add two more teardrops locating above the previous ones.

Step 9: Create a bud at the top of the flower, and add more edges into each petal.

Final step: Choose your favorite color to paint your rose.

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